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Laser Combat St Albans

When you think about St Albans, you probably think of the beautiful scenery and all the quaint, old fashioned locations- after all, it is one of Britain’s oldest cities. When we think of St Albans, we think of the wide range of brilliant Laser Strike battlefields that can be found just minutes away from the centre of town. Staying in the city can be boring for any adrenaline junkie- so get your squad together and head straight to war.

Closest to the centre of St Albans is our Broxbourne site, where we have a brilliant range of fantastic game zones and different battlefield challenges, all designed to develop and test your skills as a soldier. Here, you’ll also be equipped with the very latest laser gun technology. With guns that can fire your rivals from 100 metres away, your friends won’t know what hits them when you eliminate them from this challenge!

But this is far from being the only place nearby when you can get that perfect action rush. Head over to our indoor arena at Hoddesdon to find a whole world of laser skirmish thrills. This is one of the most realistic indoor battlefields you’ll ever be a part of, with realistic firearms, awesome surround sound and a plethora of visual effects to really enhance the feeling that you’re on the war path.

St Albans isn’t far from the capital city- and with it, a whole world of brilliant combat thrills. Head over to the trendy London neighbourhood of Whitechapel, where you’ll find one of the most unique indoor battlegrounds in the country. This sci-fi themed challenge takes place on a gigantic spaceship set, complete with a variety of weird and wonderful shoot out challenges. With top visual and sound effects booming around the venue, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a movie- where you’re the action hero!

You are going to have a great time when you battle it out with Laser Strike, so head straight to our fantastic locations for awesome action like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Book now to avoid disappointment.