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Childrens Laser Combat in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

My 9-year-old daughter was desperate to try a laser combat experience after having to listen to her older brother go on about how amazing his friends birthday party was. So with her birthday just a couple of months away I decided to treat her and a few of her friends to a laser combat experience.

After a bit of haggling she decided to take 7 friends, and once I'd got everything confirmed and booked in she was over the moon. The rest of the kids were all really excited about trying laser combat too, and luckily they didn't have to wait long.

On the day of her party we met everybody down at the site, and once her friends had arrived we all signed in and got kitted up ready for action. Even though I wasn't taking part I was just as excited as the kids, but by the time they'd got into their overalls the excitement was at another level!

Before they headed into battle though they had to complete a short briefing and split up into teams. Because there were only 7 of them the girls joined in with another group of children, but they were all on the same team, and by the end of the game their supposed enemies were their new best friends!

Their laser combat experience lasted around 2 hour and the girls got to play loads of different games. They ranged from straightforward elimination games, to some more complicated stuff that involved different storylines and objectives. I wasn't sure how the lasers would work but apparently when you're hit your gun lets out a realistic groan, which the girls enjoyed recreating during the car journey home!

After 2 hours of non-stop action the kids had to call it a day, even though they would have happily carried on for another two hours! Judging by their reaction they'd all really enjoyed their laser combat experience, and something tells me we'll definitely be back very soon.