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Birthday Laser Combat Testimonials

Every nine year old boy wants to be an action hero, so when it came to choosing the best birthday present for my son, it was a no brainer. He sees his older brother go paintballing and taking part in plenty of other extreme sports activities all the time, but he is too young to take part- luckily, I had lots of ideas for thrilling birthday parties for him and all his friends. Why should only being a kid exclude you from having a great time?

I’d read about Laser Strike online and I realised they were a perfect choice for his birthday treat. Him and his mates got to be action heroes without any risk of them getting hurt, plus they got to run around and let all hell break loose, just like all kids love doing! It was the perfect action adventure that he wanted to be part of, tailor made to suit him and his friends. When I asked if he wanted to have a Laser Strike party for his birthday, he couldn’t contain his excitement. As soon as he told his friends, everybody wanted to be on his team.

When the big day arrived, he rushed opening his presents as quick as possible so he could get straight to the Laser Strike site. I’ve never seen him so excited about anything before- I was certainly very happy I had chosen this as his birthday treat. When we got to the site, all of his friends had dragged their parents there early too; there wasn’t a single kid who wasn’t completely excited to be a soldier for the day!

When the staff on site came to greet them, they were incredibly friendly and wanted to everything they possibly could to make it the best birthday ever. They definitely succeeded, as when the kids came out at the end of the day, they were all asking when they could go back again. Some of the others were already begging their parents if they could have their own Laser Strike party when their birthday came around- so the day was definitely a success!

My son is desperate for me to take him back for another dose of Laser Strike action, so I’ll definitely be booking again. Thanks to the team on site for making his experience so memorable.