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Laser Combat for Corporates Testimonials

After a busy couple of months at work the bosses decided to treat the team to a day out paid for by the company. As well as being a bit of a thank you the event was also designed to give everybody the chance to get to know each other better, so it was important that it was fun. I spoke to some of the guys in the office and after a bit of debate we decided on a laser combat experience.

Once I’d got the green light from the boss and decided on a date I got everything confirmed straight away. Everyone in the office was really excited about trying a laser combat experience, and because a couple of us had been paintballing before we knew how much fun it would be.

We're a fairly big office and there were 38 of us taking in part in total, so I had to be really organised to get everybody where they should be on time. The guys at the site were really helpful too though, and as we started to arrive they got everybody signed in and kitted up straight away.

Once everybody was kitted up in their combat gear we were all briefed and split into teams ready for action. Because there were so many of us we were split into teams of about 10 aside, which made things a lot less chaotic. Rather than the standard laser combat experience the marshals decided a tournament between all of our teams would be the most fun for us, and they weren't wrong! The tournament gave us all the chance to play each other, and meant we could work our way round some of the different game zones too. The game zones all had different buildings and bunkers to storm too, so every game we played was really different.

Our 2 hour experience seemed to fly by, but that's probably because we were having so much fun! The supposedly 'friendly' tournament was everything but, but everybody had still really enjoyed it. I couldn't recommend a laser combat experience more, just get ready for things to get seriously competitive!