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Laser Combat Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the world’s most famous cities, responsible for giving us The Beatles, as well as plenty of cultural landmarks. Is there any wonder tourists all flock to the city? We think it is time you left the hustle and bustle of the city centre, as well as all the tourist traps, behind, as we have plenty of thrills hidden away just moments from the centre of town. Spread across the north West, we have plenty of stellar Laser Strike locations, so if you’re needing an action fix, look no further.

First up, our Formby site, which really is at the centre of the laser tag revolution. Here, we offer a fully modern gaming experience, with modern technology, including laser guns that can wipe out your opponents from 100 metres away! Put down the video games and don’t bother watching any war movies. This is the most interactive combat experience you will ever have and we guarantee you’ll love every second of it.

All our venues pride themselves on state of the art technology, in order to deliver an adrenaline pumping game like nothing you’ve ever been a part of before. At our Leyland location, between Liverpool and Preston, we deliver nothing less than the future of war gaming. Using ultra-mobile infra-red technology, you’ll be blasting your rivals in no time and leading the charge to dominate the battlefield. No pain, all gain.

Finally, your action hero fantasies will definitely come true when you make the trip over to Bolton and immerse yourself in our wild woodland challenge. With a mixture of natural and man-made obstacles spread across the battleground, this is a unique battle that you won’t want to forget in a hurry. Why not come and show us what you’re made of? You won’t regret it.

Next time you’re in Merseyside, why not escape the city and make the quick journey to one of our Laser Strike sites? The perfect action fantasy is only a quick drive away.