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Laser Combat Sheffield

The steel city is one of the largest in the North. Like all big cities, the hustle and bustle can often be overwhelming- so why don’t you get out of Sheffield for a day and let loose? Laser Strike have a plethora of awesome locations in and around the city, so the perfect action experience is only a short drive away.

In fact, if you choose to visit our Sheffield venue, it is mere minutes from the heart of the city. This excellent woodland venue boasts 3 excellent game zones, making it a must-visit for adrenaline junkies needing a fix of high octane thrills. One of our game zones is the exhilarating Fort Field, one of the most breathless Attack and Defence challenges you’ll find anywhere in the country. Think you can handle it?

If you still have an appetite for action, then you aren’t going to go hungry with the heart pounding fun on offer at our Wakefield battleground. This purpose built site is tailor made for all-out war, with a range of brilliant game zones including an unrivalled Wild West scenario. Think you’re the best gun slinger in town? Well, put your money where your mouth is and wipe out your rivals in this fantastic laser shoot out.

Robin Hood may have been famous for using a bow and arrow, but if he was around now, he’d be using more powerful weaponry to beat his rivals with. He’d definitely love coming to our Laser Strike venue on his old Sherwood Forest home, where he’d be attacking his rivals from up to a hundred metres away, hiding behind the mix of man-made and natural obstacles. By doing this, you too can ensure nobody gets in the way of you being crowned champion.

If you love heart pounding action, then you’ll love Laser Strike. Book with us today and get on down here.