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Stag Party Laser Combat Testimonials

When it came to organising my best mates stag do I knew straight away what the boys would want to do. We're all massive gaming fans and love anything involving guns, so it was always going to be an excuse to try a combat sport.

We'd all been paintballing before so I wanted to book something none of us had tried, which left me looking at laser combat experiences. Some of the arenas looked awesome, and after I'd show the boys they were well up for it. It even got the grooms seal of approval, and to be honest I think he was just glad we wouldn't have the chance to inflict any pain on him.

I'd booked the stag do a couple of weeks before the big day and there were 18 of us taking part in total. On the day we all met at the site and after waiting for the groom to arrive we finally got signed in and kitted up.

Even though none of us had been on a laser combat experience before we were buzzing to get down to action, and because there were so many of us in our group we got the game zones to ourselves. In total we were probably playing for about 2 hours, and the marshals squeezed in loads of different missions and games. They were up for a laugh as much as we were and they even chucked in a couple of games to give the stag a hard time too.

Some of us were a little bit worried that laser combat would be a bit too babyish, but we couldn't have been more wrong and some of the games are really tactical. They can be made as difficult as you like too, so if you're gun nuts like us lot you can really test your combat skills.

Thankfully things didn't get too serious though and because it was the grooms big day we were more bothered about having a laugh, so a laser combat experience was the perfect choice. We'll definitely be back even if it means having to head down the aisle myself!