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Laser Combat Glasgow

Sometimes, life in Scotland’s largest city can feel so overwhelming. With thousands of people living and working there, as well as countless more tourists passing through one of the UK’s leading cultural locations, it becomes common to just want to get away from it all. Here at Laser Strike, we think you deserve a well earned day out, away from the busy city streets. Why not head down our secret locations and place yourself at the centre of a brilliant action adventure?

When you make your way over to our Dumfries site, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a real life war movie. With a plethora of game zones inspired by video games, TV and movies, there is no better excuse to turn off the game console and pick up a laser gun- nothing beats the real thrill of battling your enemies on the war front. You’ll never want to play video games or watch war movies again after this, because this interactive challenge is far more exhilarating.

Glasgow also isn’t too far from our brilliant Inverness battleground. It is the closest thing you’ll experience to stepping into a live action computer game. All our sites offer realistic military adventures- but Inverness is regularly voted one of the best action sport locations in Scotland, so you just know you are in for a cracking time when you arrive on this battlefield. Not only this, but we have futuristic laser guns too: prepare yourself for the future of warfare.

If this isn’t enough, travel back down south of the border and experience the UK’s most unique indoor Laser Strike location in Gateshead. If you want to take down your rivals in style, head to this giant replica city and prepare to blast your way to dominating the war zone. With a filling station, a two storey mansion, a gun shop, and even a train station amongst the obstacles you’ll find here, it will feel like war has well and truly broken out!

Escape the city today and step into a world of exhilarating action. Everybody loves battling with Laser Strike, so book with us today and make sure you have a guaranteed spot on the front lines.