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Laser Combat Exeter

Exeter is one of the largest cities in Devon and is surrounded for hundreds of miles by beautiful countryside and countless small villages. Some people say living here is peaceful, whilst others say it is just boring. We say that Exeter is the action capital of the region, as there are tons of brilliant Laser Strike locations just moments away from the city. Each one is a hidden secret waiting to be discovered, so if you are in need of a fix of high octane thrills, you don’t need to look any further.

Closest to the city is our location at Dunsford, Devon. A stunning outdoor location that transforms the peaceful woodlands into a full blown war zone, adrenaline junkies are going to love battling it out here. With 50 acres to explore and the latest laser gun technology, you’ll feel like you really are heading towards the front lines. Our laser guns look like real military weapons, whilst we have brilliant surround sound to immerse you even further into the experience. Who needs war movies when you have this?

But this is far from the only Laser Strike adventure you can have just a short drive away from Exeter. Our Torbay venue is another authentic military experience that uses state of the art equipment to make you feel like you have really just entered the front lines, ready for battle. With fast, frantic action, playing here will be the closest thing you’ll ever experience to being in a video game- so get ready for all your action hero fantasies to come true.

Finally, we are also in quick striking distance from another fantastic outdoor war zone in Bideford. As soon as you get into this war zone, there is no denying that you’ll feel you’ve been transported to an authentic battleground. Our site is littered with tons of military vehicles, including a fleet of tanks, as well as countless trenches. You’ll feel like you’ve left Devon and have arrived at an authentic battle zone. Are you ready for it?

There is no reason to stay in Exeter any longer, when you can leave the city behind and head to war. Book with Laser Strike today to make sure you have a place on the battlefield, ready and waiting for you and your squad.