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Laser Combat Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. With world famous historical landmarks and a brilliant cultural hub, can you really blame millions of tourists flocking to the city year in, year out? Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city can get too much- which is why we’d love it if you left it behind and came to let all hell break loose on one of our awesome Laser Strike battlefields.

All are just a short drive away, so are perfect for an adrenaline fuelled day out. First, scenario gamers will love taking part in the action at Dumfries. With more different themed challenges than your average video game, you’ll be left in no doubt that this is the best interactive gaming experience imaginable. Games include Call of Duty, Pod Racing and Stargate, transforming famous TV, movie and video game sequences into heart pounding real life battles.

Or you could travel back down south of the border and experience some of the best the North East has to offer. Our Gateshead location is one of Britain’s leading indoor laser strike venues, with a life-sized replica city that has been specially built for you to blast your way through. Live out your action fantasies as you lead the charge against your enemies on to a filling station, a two storey mansion, a gun shop, and even a train station.

Finally, a trip further North to Inverness may be on the cards. Our site on the outskirts of the city is one of the highest rated adventure sports locations in Scotland, so pulse-racing satisfaction is guaranteed when you and your friends head to battle here. With futuristic laser guns and a fully computerised challenge, it is like walking into a sci-fi movie when you play here- expect nothing less than the battleground of the future.

Why not escape the city and take on some of the best thrills that are just a short drive away? Book with Laser Strike today and make sure you’re ready to get on the front lines.