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Laser Combat Cardiff

The Welsh capital is home to plenty of awesome thrills- no wonder there are thousands of tourists flocking to the city every year. But there’s only so much fun you can have in the centre of Cardiff.

So why don’t you make the trip out of the city and get on the front lines of an exhilarating battle ground? Laser Strike has a range of awesome sites just a short drive away from the city, all waiting for you to take on all the challenges within.

Nearest to the city is our Porthcrawl site, one of South Wales’ leading adventure sports locations. After all, you won’t be disappointed when you set foot on this battlefield. This purpose built arena is the perfect location for unpredictable thrills, with bunkers and barricades to hide behind as you attack the enemy with top of the range combat packs and MP5 laser guns. This is the future of warfare and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

If that isn’t enough, then make your way across the border and straight to our Bath Avon battleground. Here, we have only the most technologically advanced laser guns, which can wipe your enemies out of the game from up to 100 metres away. This ensures there won’t be a single dull moment when you’re with us; the enemy could be lurking behind trees or in bunkers, waiting to strike at any moment. If that doesn’t keep you on your toes, nothing will.

Finally, make your action fantasies a reality when you blast your way through your rivals at our stunning Gloucester location. You’ll be handed infra red weapons with sharp accuracy, all ready to wipe out your opponents- easier said than done on battlefields this exhilarating. If the outdoor woodland war zone doesn’t do it for you, why don’t you head indoors and try to wipe out your enemies in a pitch-black gaming zone? Now that really isn’t for the faint of heart!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate action adventures. The perfect Laser Strike experience is just a short drive away, so book with us today and get straight to the front lines.