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Laser Combat Newcastle

For tourists in the UK, there are few better cities than Newcastle. As you drive towards the city, you are greeted with the world famous Angel of the North, whilst the city itself contains more entertainment venues and awesome night life locations than you can shake a stick at. As fantastic as this all is, it doesn’t deliver quite the thrill an adrenaline junkie visiting would need. Luckily, Laser Strike have the perfect antidote- a range of awesome laser combat venues just a stone’s throw away, spread across the North East.

Just five minutes away from Newcastle city centre, you can find our Gateshead location. Here, you’ll find one of the best laser combat battlefields anywhere in Britain, as this site is specially designed to look like a real city. Blast your way through a train station, a two storey mansion and much more in this thrilling replica civilisation. Gaming here gets so intense, you’ll feel like war has broken out in the real world- and you’re in the middle of it!

But if you want to leave a model civilisation and battle in a real life battleground, then we have some other cracking war zones that are ready for you and your squad. Our Bishop Auckland site has some of the best laser battle terrain in the region, making it nothing less than the perfect adrenaline fuelled challenge. Not only this, but we have some of the best laser weapons out there; when you fire this beasts, you’ll feel like you are in control of real military grade machinery- even though this is just a laser gun!

Finally, make the short drive over to Yarm for another taste of cracking laser combat fun. Here, we have a wide range of game zones and challenging mission scenarios, all designed to develop your battlefield skills. Do you think you and your crew can handle the intense thrills on this battlefield?

Newcastle may be a great city, but you won’t find action like this lying around in the centre, so make the short journey over to our Laser Strike locations for an awesome time. Book with us now and let battle commence.