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Laser Combat Manchester

With world famous sports teams, musicians and celebrities all hailing from the city, as well as fantastic cultural attractions and night life, is there any wonder why so many people think of Manchester as Britain’s answer to New York? Millions of people pass through the city each year in order to experience some of the best thrills Britain has to offer- but there is still one place hidden away from the view of tourists. Our awesome Laser Strike centres.

In fact, you don’t even have to stray far from the city centre to discover some of our most exhilarating thrills. Just make the quick trip over to Swinton and one of the UK’s most established action sports locations. This indoor venue boasts G36C laser rifles, which are some of the most advanced you’ll find on any British battlefield. So as you blast through bunkers and barricades, you can wipe out your enemies from 100 metres away!

Just a tiny bit further away is another epic indoor venue in Oldham. Many people think indoor laser tag is just like a military style Wacky Warehouse, but a challenge like this proves it is far more intense. With many realistic weapons, designed to look like those used in the British Armed Forces, you’ll be tasked with ruling some of the creepiest game zones around. From an abandoned fairground to a terrifying grave yard, you’d better bring some spare underwear before you play here, as it is so spooky, we can’t guarantee you’ll leave in the same state you arrived.

If it is outdoor action you prefer, then head on over to Bolton. Hidden in the wild woodlands is an authentic military challenge, designed to turn you into a battle ready warrior. Boasting some of the best laser technology in the country and a perfect blend of man-made and natural obstacles across each of the game zones, this is laser tag at its best: thrilling and unpredictable from beginning to end.

Manchester may be one of Britain’s leading cities for culture, but it also paves the way when it comes to laser tag, too. You’d be a fool not to book with Laser Strike and immerse yourself in the ultimate action fantasy.