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Laser Combat London

One of the world’s most biggest and most beloved cities, there are plenty of reasons why people visit London every year. Of course, most people would say Buckingham Palace or Big Ben, but we’d disagree. We think the city’s real highlights can all be found away from the centre, hidden from all the usual tourist traps- our brilliant Laser Strike locations.

You don’t even have to travel far to get the action fix you crave, as we have sights that can be easily accessed in under ten minutes from the city centre. Our nearest location is our awesome Whitechapel venue, which boasts the latest laser technology and brilliant visual effects courtesy of SFX lighting. The game arena is modelled after a spaceship and with state of the art facilities like this, you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into a sci-fi film.

If you want more realistic laser battling action, then head straight to our mammoth indoor location at London’s Docklands. With 700ft of themed playing fields to explore, thrills are not in short supply here and neither is some of the most advanced equipment you’ll find anywhere in the UK. Are you and your elite special ops team ready to save the world from imminent nuclear warfare? Then head to our underground bunker and prepare for nothing but epic laser slinging action!

From the safety of an underground bunker to the madness that lies in the Essex wilderness, our Abridge venue is just on the outskirts of London, but playing here will feel like you’ve been transported to a far flung war zone. With 8 themed game zones including The Warehouse, Black Hawk Down and Tank Convoy (including a real life tank) there's nowhere better to get the most authentic taste of combat warfare. You’ll never feel more alive than you will when taking on this adventure.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Come and experience the true adrenaline rush lying just minutes away from the centre of London, at one of Laser Strike’s awesome locations.