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Laser Combat Leeds

Ask anybody in the city and they’ll tell you that not only is Leeds the best city in the world, but it is also ‘God’s back garden’. No wonder millions of people visit the city every year! With a fantastic cultural heritage and a cracking night life, there are plenty of reasons to visit. But hidden away from all the usual tourist destinations are the real delights- Laser Strike’s awesome battlefields.

If you want your high octane action fix, look no further than these venues. Closest to the city is our Tadcaster war zone. An epic outdoor arena, with a variety of different game zones for you to explore during your time here. Plus, you’ll be equipped with state of the art laser guns, to take out your opponents from up to 100 metres away. As you get deeper into the woodlands, this could turn into a deadly laser shoot out!

Hidden in the wilderness between Leeds and Bradford, you can find our awesome Brighouse venue. With six different jaw dropping game zones, there is no shortage of heart pounding challenges designed to push you beyond your limits. One minute you could be engaging in tense warfare, seconds later you could be in a sci-fi fantasy. No matter what challenge you take part in, you’ll be left breathless and ready for more.

Also in quick striking distance from Leeds is our outdoor Wakefield venue. This massive battlefield also boasts six different game zones, with heart racing challenges in each one. One minute, you’ll be transported back in time to the Wild West, moments later you’ll be in the middle of a tense laser battles with only barrels to shield you. Think you’re ready for war? Then grab a laser gun and get to the front lines immediately.

An authentic battle experience is guaranteed at every laser Strike location. Book with us today and come see for yourself.