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Laser Combat Nottingham

If Robin Hood was still around today, he wouldn’t be battling it out with a bow and arrow. After all, warfare has moved on so much since then- and by coming to one of our awesome Laser Strike venues, just a short drive away from Nottingham city centre, you’ll be part of the all new battlefield revolution. If you don’t think you can handle the intense thrills, don’t read any further. But if you can, get ready for a whole world of fun.

Speaking of Robin Hood, who would want to turn down the opportunity to let all hell break loose on his old stomping ground? Our Nottingham venue is based in the heart of the legendary Sherwood Forest, with a purpose built combat arena hidden beneath countless acres of trees. With state of the art laser guns, you’ll be able to blast your enemies from miles away- and shield behind the trees, bushes and specially made buildings for cover!

However, just a quick drive to Derby and you’ll find an even more realistic war experience at our indoor battlefield. Using IRM4 LBR rifles, which are used by the military for training, expect nothing less than the most heart pounding thrills as you blast through all four floors of our perfectly designed venue. It will be like war really has broken out in the city, with a range of office areas, living spaces, bar area and stair wells to battle it out on. You’ll feel like all hell has broken loose.

But if you are looking for only the most epic thrills, head on over to our Cheadle venue, in the breathtaking Staffordshire woodlands. We aren’t saying this is an epic battlefield, but clocking in at a whopping 50 acres, it is hard to describe this site as anything else! With state of the art infra red laser weapons, players will compete in a series of mission based combat scenarios and sporting team elimination games. These challenges will take you everywhere from muddy swamps to the Vietnam trenches- think you’re ready for it?

You’d be a fool to miss out on all the thrills offered by Laser Strike, so don’t wait any longer. Book with us today.