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Laser Combat Croydon

Croydon is a sprawling urban jungle, lying just minutes away from the heart of London. Big city life is undeniably stressful and it is easy to want to escape from it all and let loose. Well, have we got some great news for you: Laser Strike have a plethora of brilliant battlefields just a short drive from Croydon. You now have no excuse not to join us and come get the action fix you crave.

Closest to Croydon in the heart of London is our stellar indoor battleground at the Docklands. Located right next to the iconic 02 Arena, you’ll be plunged right into 700ft of themed playing fields, all hidden deep underground. You won’t find action this intense anywhere else, as you and your squad will be transported to a nuclear apocalypse, where only you are able to help humanity survive. Are you up to the challenge?

This isn’t the only futuristic laser combat challenge you’ll find buried underneath London. Head to the trendy East End neighbourhood of Whitechapel to take on our brilliant sci-fi themed battle. Our battleground is designed to look like a spaceship, complete with state of the art visual effects, booming surround sound, as well as the latest laser technology. You’ll feel like you’ve left London and are battling it out on a different planet!

If you would prefer outdoor warfare, then you’d better leave the city behind and head down to the woods. Deep in the heart of the Surrey woodlands, you’ll find our brilliant Dorking battleground, which is the first port of call if you want to be thrown into an authentic combat experience. Here, we have a range of different challenges, each more awesome than the last, designed to push you and your squad beyond your limits. Get to the front lines and prepare for awesome action.

With all these thrills and more just lying moments away from Croydon, it would be foolish to wait any longer. Book with us now and get ready for a battle you’ll never forget.